Monday, January 19, 2015

E=MC² Manifesting isn't Creating.

You can't make something out of nothing, something has to be consumed to produce something new. What can you give? What can you sacrifice? Are you willing to give 40 hours of you time every week for your pay check? The simplest manifestation is a exchange of time for money. That's not to say that instant gratification isn't possible its just more complicated to understand and understanding or comprehending is the first step in change. So the understanding that a person can exchange time for money is the simplest place to begin.
Our understanding of value is the largest limit in our ability to create. Because we see a $100 dinner as more value then a $10 dinner a person's subconscious understands that it takes less effort to obtain the lesser valued dinner. So the more value that is placed on something the more difficult the mind perceives it is to acquire.
The best way to comprehend the Law of Attraction is to imagine yourself listening to your own thoughts as a third person. Voluntarily observe your conscious mind as Jiminy Cricket. Understand that your new alter ego isn't limited by time. Jiminey Cricket see's every thought you ever thought and those thoughts are what makes up Jiminey Crickets universe. Every thought is a star in the night sky, and Jiminy Cricket's solar system is made of 8 planets the same as yours. What 8 thoughts consume you? These 8 thoughts that you think the most often use the law of attraction the same way as gravity aligns the planets. Some of these thoughts are huge like Jupiter and one might or might not be a planet like Pluto.
Although we are under the control of the law of attraction. Can we control the law of attraction? Can you be patient and sacrifice your time to focus your mind on something of value that becomes the largest planet in Jiminy Crickets Solar system so that you gravitate towards that thought and orbit the most important thing in your universe.

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