Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Setting Goals

All power is from withing and therefore under our control.
There are 2 forms of motivation 1 is to run away from something as fast and as far as possible. The other is to run towards something. Understand that running away from your goals is as motivated as you can possibly be. When your running towards something there is no threat of doom if you don't do it. The consequence is that your goal will be set back and in perspective a pack of wolves chasing you down would probably result in very motivating experience. 

This type of motivation translates into paying the bills being a very strong motivator. If you don't make the money to pay the bill something bad is going to happen. The opposite is true for someone who has a long term goal and the belief that they will accomplish it. If a parent wants to send their child to College it's likely they will have to save up to send them. Its not the ability to set a long term goal that sets this parent apart from other parents. It's not loosing track of the goal that makes the difference. Goals should chase you down, don't chase your goals. This type of goal sending your kid to College isn't a impossible feat. Its a long term goal that has a very strong motivator and constant reminder of why what you are doing is important and these are the ingredients you should combine. A very strong motivator, and a constant reminder.

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